Freshney Place Riverhead - Grimsby

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A development proposal by Freshney Place Shopping Centre Ltd

Aerial view of the site


The heart of Grimsby is defined by Victoria Street partnered with Freshney Place Shopping Centre as the main shopping and public amenity destination. Whilst the variety of buildings, materials and landscaping create a vibrant town centre, there is an apparent lack of a true leisure destination in the centre of town.

Following the relocation of the Grimsby Bus Station to Victoria Street West, the Riverhead site outside Freshney Place’s eastern exit lies redundant, the confusing streetscape left behind from the old bus station offering little contribution to the town centre.

North East Lincolnshire Council in discussion with the owners of Freshney Place Shopping Centre recognise the need to realise the site’s potential and complete the retail and leisure offer in the town centre as well as enhancing this valuable corridor leading to the riverfront in the centre of the town.

The site has great opportunity for a new building of civic presence facing onto the Riverhead water inlet and the River Freshney to the north. A considered building containing restaurants and leisure use will complement the existing retail offer, revitalise a tired corner of the town centre and provide a much needed new amenity for Grimsby.

A full Design & Development Team have been appointed to prepare a viable, attractive & sustainable development proposal for the Freshney Place Riverhead.