Freshney Place Riverhead - Grimsby

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A development proposal by Freshney Place Shopping Centre Ltd


The vision is to create an attractive, high quality leisure scheme that has a sense of civic character and an identity appropriate for the town centre context whilst integrating seamlessly into the surroundings and the site location on the River Freshney and the Riverhead water inlet.


The lower levels provide a range of seven new restaurants and cafes, forming an anchor dining and grab-and-go eating destination at the eastern end of Freshney Place capable of attracting new offers to Grimsby. Market Research undertaken shows many restaurateurs are seeking representation, but are prevented from locating to Grimsby, due to the lack of an attractive modern environment.

The upper levels will accommodate a new, full range nine screen cinema including generous public areas for eating, drinking & socializing before or after a film viewing. The Cinema will form a new social and entertainment hub for the town.

New road infrastructure, substations, servicing routes and engineering plant areas will all be carefully considered and integrating into the design ensuring minimum aesthetic impact on the elevations.


The location is well linked with pedestrian & public transport accessibility reducing the need to travel by car.

Pre-planning application advice has been provided by the Highway Authority and a Transport Assessment has reviewed the existing highway network within the vicinity of the site. This will provide details of the existing vehicular and pedestrian links and servicing arrangements to and from the site.

Car parking will be provided within the adjacent multi storey with direct pedestrian links to the new development, accommodating the potential later hours opening times of the cinema. Cycle provision for the development will accord with the adopted guidelines.

All material choices will be considerate of their life cost and sustainability. The design team propose that the building mass, predominantly dictated by the cinema plan, is subdivided into three smaller blocks in response to the finer grain buildings which form the backdrop. Each mass will be treated with a separate material relating to the context. The focal corner to the south will be clad in panels with a terracotta appearance, relating to the brick and tiled buildings along the existing high street and River Freshney dockside. The northern block will be clad in grey stone textured panels responding to the slate and dark stone typical of the industrial riversides of historic Grimsby. Flashes of color will then be fitted between the panels to create rhythm in the facades and warm the materials, tying in the overall composition. The main cinema block behind will be clad in a rippled metal panel system, with connotations to the water of the Riverhead and adjacent river. The lower levels with restaurant frontages will be predominately glass, with the upper level cladding materials coming to ground in selected locations to give the building form solidarity and civic stature in its appearance.