Freshney Place Riverhead - Grimsby

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A development proposal by Freshney Place Shopping Centre Ltd

Existing Site


A detailed assessment of the site has been undertaken and numerous studies of various site aspects have been investigated including highways & traffic analysis, ecology, environmental, sunlight studies, ground investigation, drainage, acoustic quality and service infrastructure reports.

Townscape studies have analysed the architectural qualities of Grimsby town centre and contextual materials and draft designs have been prepared incorporating details from these numerous development reports.

Commercial demands have also been assessed and detailed pre-construction cost models of the proposals have been tested to ensure that any development is viable & deliverable.


The design team has met on a number of occasions with the Local Planning Authority and Council representatives via pre-application meetings and presentations to ensure that the proposals integrate local policy and promote the best of development approaches for Grimsby.

In addition, ongoing discussion will proceed with various stakeholders, potential tenants and interested parties to ensure that the development best balances the needs of all it may affect.

Design proposals have been collated to be presented at Public Consultation to further encourage views from the public and other interested parties and the team will endeavour to integrate comments wherever possible to improve the appropriateness of the design.